Native Jefferson Block Youth 中童洞洞鞋 - 熱情之都


Shell White/ Shell White/ Jiffy Crayon Jolly Block

編號 15100102-2019
單價 1,580 /

【JEFFERSON KIDS 小奶油頭-世界旗幟系列】




• EVA 材質

• 防水、抗菌、防臭耐洗

• 具避震功能,質量輕盈



• 此款版型正常

• 腳後跟建議預留一指寬度,較為舒適


關於 Native Shoes

我們是來自加拿大·溫哥華的國民鞋履 Native Shoes,創立於 2009 年。 Native Shoes 以舒適、輕盈為特色,使用

環保橡膠發泡 EVA 材質製成,主張無毒抗菌。 以繽紛色彩及多樣化的鞋型不斷創新,蔚為晴雨兩用的全天候休閒


了有減少水質優養化的 【 Bloom 綠藻系列】 外還有取材於甘蔗可減少環境二氧化碳的 【 Sugarlite™ 系列】,更




身為 native shoes 的生產原料之一 ,讓優養化的水生態系統重回健康狀態, 一方面解決環境問題, 一方面能有

好看且 vegan 的素食鞋履。


甘蔗在生長過程中可吸收空氣中多餘的二氧化碳,幫助環境穩定「負碳」, 我們將甘蔗轉化為甘蔗乙醇用於環

保材料製成,【 Sugarlite™ 系列 】產品皆可回收再利用,讓日常生活更方便更舒適。

Live Lightly™


It seems the heavier the world gets, the more it needs lightness. Lightness is why we’re here. It guides us to design products and experiences that create a lighter, healthier, happier world for us all. Each time you wear a pair of Native Shoes, you are making an impact.

By 2023, each and every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% life cycle managed. The Remix Project, our first initiative on this journey, recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.








We are all native to somewhere. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to be aware of our impact on this place we all call home. We respect our neighbors and their homes. From the human to the furry. The scaly to the feathered. We choose to be kind, to all kinds. This is the soul behind every sole we make.






We believe in creating a better world one tiny step at a time. That said, we support and champion the tiny activists among us.

Those that commit themselves to taking small steps toward positive change. And we extend an open invitation for everyone to join us on our journey.







We believe new ideas will save this 4.5 billion-year-old world. Innovative ideas like shoes made from alternative materials. And the bold, brave ideas like the ones we’ve yet to come up with.





We believe seriously in our mission to create a better world. And that the best way to get others to join us is by not taking ourselves too seriously. We are lighthearted by nature, for nature. Like the shoes we design, we believe life should be happy, colorful, carefree and fun.


Live Lightly™, our purpose in both footwear and philosophy, is a sentiment passed along from soul to sole since 2009. Through our simple formula of innovation, sustainability, originality, and the key ingredient, lightness, we strive to simplify our day, beautify our environment and lighten our carbon footprint on the world.


Native Shoes makes it easy for all to Live Lightly™.