Dusters Keeton Native 31.95" Cruiser Skateboard 交通板

Spencer Keeton Cunningham 聯名款

編號 10531502
單價 4900 /

Keeton Native (Pink),

8.5" x 31.95"  14.5" Wheelbase,

Tensor 5.0" trucks,

60mm x 43.8mm 78A Wheels.

Originating from the heart and soul of skateboarding.


Dusters roots lie in the cradle of surf & skate culture in the golden haze of California. Bred from the same spirit that was born in the 60』s and 70』s when skateboarding, surfing, and music defined themselves against establishment. 

Dusters California is built by a team that understands, in and out, the functionality of these boards with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Throughout all these years of skateboarding and manufacturing we learned the importance of the fit and finishes of a skateboard and you can see that by analyzing every single details on Dusters boards.  Besides the core functionality, meticulous fit and finishes and the overall quality compared to other cruisers and longboards.