Native Jefferson Metallic Youth 中童洞洞鞋 - 夜光黑

Darknite Metallic/ Jiffy Black

編號 15100117-1204
單價 1,480 /

It's the leader of lightness and our original EVA all-star, the uncompromisable Jefferson. Like any reigning ruler of the ring, the Jefferson encompasses all of the fine features that you'd expect from a Native shoe. It's shock absorbent, odor resistant, hand-washable, and comes in an infinite assortment of colors and treatments. Capabilities clouds could only dream of.


  • Injection Molded EVA Construction
  • Rubber Rand and Toe
  • Bacteria Inhibiting
  • Metallic Print

Native 鞋品牌故事,2009 年創立於加拿大溫哥華新銳品牌。
以環保 EVA 發泡橡膠為主材質,具有抗菌、防塵、防水等多功能性質,
色彩豐富,舒適輕巧,使 Native Shoes 在世界各地已成為必備鞋款。




鞋面材質:EVA 材質
內裏材質:EVA 材質
鞋墊材質:EVA 材質

鞋款版型 :










◎ 提供7天鑑賞期之權益(含例假日,此為考慮期並非試用期),若商品如經拆封、使用、以致缺乏完整性即失去再販售價值時,恕無法退貨。 

◎ 退貨商品須為全新狀態且包裝完整商品(保持退貨商品、內外包裝、贈品等之完整性)。 

◎ 若要退貨,請以原始包裝方式寄回,包含完整無損之外箱、商品、包裝紙,目錄、吊牌、贈品等,若原外箱已遺失,請另使用紙箱包覆於商品原廠包裝外,切勿直接於原包裝上黏貼紙張或書寫文字,來做寄送,若原盒內所有物品有損壞或遺失,恕不接受退貨。 

◎ 7天鑑賞期,不可適用於以下情況,如留有污漬、磨損、有異味、配件不全,恕不接受退貨。 

◎ 因電腦解析度及螢幕等問題會有色差差異,以收到的商品實品為準。 

Live Lightly™


It seems the heavier the world gets, the more it needs lightness. Lightness is why we’re here. It guides us to design products and experiences that create a lighter, healthier, happier world for us all. Each time you wear a pair of Native Shoes, you are making an impact.

By 2023, each and every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% life cycle managed. The Remix Project, our first initiative on this journey, recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.








We are all native to somewhere. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to be aware of our impact on this place we all call home. We respect our neighbors and their homes. From the human to the furry. The scaly to the feathered. We choose to be kind, to all kinds. This is the soul behind every sole we make.






We believe in creating a better world one tiny step at a time. That said, we support and champion the tiny activists among us.

Those that commit themselves to taking small steps toward positive change. And we extend an open invitation for everyone to join us on our journey.







We believe new ideas will save this 4.5 billion-year-old world. Innovative ideas like shoes made from alternative materials. And the bold, brave ideas like the ones we’ve yet to come up with.





We believe seriously in our mission to create a better world. And that the best way to get others to join us is by not taking ourselves too seriously. We are lighthearted by nature, for nature. Like the shoes we design, we believe life should be happy, colorful, carefree and fun.


Live Lightly™, our purpose in both footwear and philosophy, is a sentiment passed along from soul to sole since 2009. Through our simple formula of innovation, sustainability, originality, and the key ingredient, lightness, we strive to simplify our day, beautify our environment and lighten our carbon footprint on the world.


Native Shoes makes it easy for all to Live Lightly™.