Landyachtz Osteon Observer 35.5" Longboard 長板

單價 9,800 /

The Landyachtz Osteon Observer longboard skateboard deck is designed by Landyachtz Team Rider Billy Bones. This asymmetrical design takes the front seat to the ordinary. This deck features radial concave leading up to the single micro-drop at the nose. This drop design is created to replace your foot-stop. The aggressive concave holds your shoes in the rails while gripping a tight turn or drifting a corner. The Landyachtz Osteon measures in at 35.5" long and 9.4" wide. The wheelbase maxes out at 26.5 making it a great stand-up freeride deck! For a solid downhill feel, try the 852 Bear Grizzly longboard trucks and 70mm Orangatang 4President wheels! The 73mm Muirskate Podiums will get the job done too! If freeride is your thing, try out Mini Zombie Hawgs or Orangatang Stimulus!! Must have Beasto built-in-spacer bearings!


L: 35.5” I W: 9.4” I WB: 24.25 – 26.5”

Deck Material: 8 ply Canadian Maple with Fiberglass
Concave: High
Flex: Low
Profile: Rocker with Micro drop at nose
Grip: Black Adhesive with vertical stripes (you know, for speed)
Features: CNC Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Fiberglass, Micro Drop, Multiple Wheelbase options



Brand Story


Founded in 1997 in the basement of the Blackcomb Ski Club cabin by Tom Edstrand and Mike Perreten to provide a better way to get around campus, Landyachtz is a global leader in skateboard design and development. We believe in making quality skateboards that will improve your life. What started in a small basement has now grown to include a warehouse/head office in the East Vancouver neighbourhood of Strathcona with a retail store around the corner along a main bike route at 1146 Union St, shipping facilities in both East Vancouver and Los Angeles, and a small manufacturing facility in the Kootenay town of Kimberley, B.C. Today, Landyachtz has a global presence and has built strong relationships with important partners all over the world.
Landyachtz has always been focused on quality product innovation. Designing the best boards possible and developing the technology to do so has always been our focus. With co-founder Tom Edstrand being 2005 world champion, racing heavily influenced our early board designs and provided a great way for us to test new technologies. Landyachtz pioneered the drop foot platform, a design that remained synonymous with downhill for many years. The most famous drop-style downhill board in our lineup, the Evo, still holds the record for most world championship wins today. Boards aren't the only thing we developed though, Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels grew out of a need to pair our race decks with the best trucks and wheels we could. That's what our in-house engineers still do every day, constantly trying to refine our trucks and wheels so that they can be the best the industry can offer. As we developed technology for our race boards, we took what we learned there and applied it to the rest of our lineup to make our everyday boards as stable, fun, and functional as we could.
Community involvement has always been a core principle for us here at Landyachtz, our early years wouldn't have been possible without the Coast Longboarding community and its members. It's for this reason that we try to help grow communities everywhere we can. We've sponsored events around the globe, from races in Europe, to events in our own backyard like the legendary Attack of Danger Bay, and Giant's Head Freeride here in B.C.