Verb Marble Dip Black/Gold 8.0" Skateboard 技術板

編號 202100C8000
單價 3,100 /

The verb Marble Dip is a massive pop board to get you to the flipside of life. This Verb Skateboard is a great entry-level board that allows you to learn all the basics of skateboarding. Buying a pre-assembled complete board ensures that you get something good for your money. And best of all, you don't even have to assemble it yourself.

The small wheels with a diameter of 52mm are ideal for street skateboarding - i.e. for tricks where solid pop and an optimized balance are required

The hard wheels in 99A are the choice for heavy trick landings and powerful power slides

The deck width 7.75 "and 8" is a great all-round size, with which you can extensively try out all disciplines of skateboarding

Deck width : 8 "(20.3cm)
length of deck 32" (81.3cm)
axis distance 14 "(35.6cm)
deck material : Hard Rock maple (maple), 7-Ply
deck specifications : Double Kicktail
Concave : Yes
roll diameter : 52mm

Roll hardness : 99A Roll
material : PU cast, SHR
ball bearing precision : ABEC-7
Truck type : Standard Kingpin, Standard Hanger
Griptape : Pre-gripped
Max. Load : 80kg